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Disney's Cirque du Soleil

An everyday circus this is not!

And there is no life experience that could possibly prepare you for what you are about to feel. A masterfully scored evening of entertainment. Cirque du Soleil La Nouba blends the daring with the endearing, and it make the impossible seem quite possible indeed. It will dazzle you with its outrageous costumes and outlandish acts.

Cirque du Soleil is a theatrical experience unlike anything you have experienced before.  The concept behind Cirque du Soleil was conceived by a group of street performers in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, in the early eighties with a desire to inspire, astound and transport patrons to a new, unearthly world. This vision of the original Cirque troupe has grown precipitously and Cirque du Soleil now has 7 different shows in production, 3 of which have permanent homes with the rest touring throughout the world. An avant-garde blend of circus art and theater. Broadway spectacle, and absolute whimsy is waiting for your witness at the Downtown Disney West Side.

With incredible stunts and acts this awesome show will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time! With amazing acrobatics stunts and comical acts Cirque Du Soleil is one of Central Florida’s most popular shows. Using special effects to bring these fantastic skits to life you can enjoy this award winning show during your vacation to the area. Whether its unnatural abilities or synchronized stunts we can assure you that you will be picking your jaw up off the floor time and time again. This is an experience like no other and it’s an absolute must see for anyone visiting the Orlando area! Make your vacation special with a trip to the Cirque Du Soleil, we promise it will leave you with life long memories! With Cirque Du Soleil the fun and entertainment never stops, make sure to check it out!

Experience La Nouba, a mesmerizing new Cirque du Soleil show created exclusively for the Walt Disney World Resort. La Nouba blends a dramatic mix of circus art and dazzling theatre into one of the most unique shows in the world.

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